Executive Board

Executive Board

Sec. 9.

The Executive Board - shall meet between regular meetings of the L.U. It shall have the power to take any action that the L.U. can take, and which should be taken prior to the next regular meeting of the L.U. Matters referred to the board by the business manager, or any of his assistants, or the general chairman of a Railroad Council, shall take precedence over all other matters before the board.

Sec. 10.

A quorum of the board shall consist of the majority of its members.

Sec. 11.

The board shall see that all members, officers, or others who are not entitled to remain in the board meetings, shall retire after they have been heard and submitted their business to the board. When a board member is directly interested or involved in any case before the board, he shall retire.

No board member shall sit in a case which affects his own employer, or which involves a member working for the same employer. In such case the board member shall he disqualified and the president of the L.U. shall appoint a substitute or substitutes. If the president is a member of the board and is disqualified, then the vice president shall appoint a substitute or substitutes. If the vice president is also disqualified, then the substitute or substitutes shall be named by the remaining board members. That portion of this paragraph which refers to an employer shall not apply to those L.U.'s where at least seventy-five percent (75%) of the membership is in the employ of one employer.

Sec. 12.

The Executive Board shall act as the trial board, hear all charges, and try all members, except officers and representatives of L.U.'s, Railroad Councils, and System Councils, for any violation of this Constitution, or the bylaws and working rules of the L.U. (See Article XXV.)

The board may reopen and reconsider any case or cases when it feels the facts or circumstances justify doing so, any time within thirty (30) days from the date decision was rendered, and it shall do so when directed by the I.V.P. or I.P.

Sec. 13.

The board shall submit a report of its actions and findings to each regular meeting of the L.U. for approval, except that no approval or disapproval is to be made or action taken by the L.U., nor is any discussion to be allowed when the board reports on the cases of members charged with violations of this Constitution, or the bylaws and working rules of the L.U.

Sec. 14.

The Executive Board shall cooperate fully with other officers and the representatives of the L.U. to the end that the interests of the L.U. and its members may be properly protected and advanced. The board shall perform such other duties as are outlined in this Constitution or as may be provided for in the bylaws of the L.U.

Other Board Members

Executive Board Members

Tom Davis
  • Tom Davis
  • Name:  Tom Davis
    Phone: Unknown
    Email:  motsivad48@gmail.com
    Responsibility:  Executive Board Chairman
John Damoude
  • John Damoude
  • Name:  John Damoude
    Phone: Unknown
    Email:  N/A
Mark Guzman
  • Mark Guzman
  • Name:  Mark Guzman
    Phone: Unknown
    Email:  N/A
Rick Smallfoot
  • Rick Smallfoot
  • Name:  Rick Smallfoot
    Phone: (308) 569-2496
    Email:  N/A
Ryan Hardy