Cab Signal Seals

Cab Signal Seals Procedures

Fault Reset Procedure

If you need to reset a CCS fault and have to break the CCS seal then you must document the new seal in ILP2 per FRA.

- Add the task "RESET CAB SIGNAL".
- In ILP2 click "Add" to add a task.
- In the Search By Field type "CAB SIGNAL".
- After the search result list is populated, Select "CAB SIGNAL" and use the verb "RESET".
- Add the task by clicking the "ADD to Work Order" button.

Current procedure for resetting a CCS fault is as follows:

  1. Remove securement seal from Logic Control Box
  2. On CPU Card Identify Limited Failure Code LXXX or Critical Failure Code CXXX. Record Fault Code (Required for ILP2).
  3. If fault Code Present, analyse and repair per PB 30007A/30008A available in Technical Resources.
  4. Press Reset Button on both CPU and DDSP Cards.
  5. Close Equipment Box and Seal per LMI 7407 to prevent Entrance and Tampering and Record Seal Number (Required for ILP2).
  6. Determine from work done and fault analysis requalification of system that is required - 92 day inspection or Departure Test Task to work order. Record Work Done (Required for ILP2).

Aspect Display Unit Missing Seal Procedure

If a seal is missing for the ADU, inspect the ADU for defects or loose connections. Then complete a departure test and seal the Aspect Display Unit. A complete inspection is not required at this time.

Missing Cab Signal Seal Procedure

If a seal is missing on the Logic Control Box then a complete 92 day inspection is required.

Disclaimer: The above information is for reference only.